Who we are?

Les Beaux Macarons is a brand created in 2013 by enthusiasts of French macaroons.

Our first steps were placed at various events. Currently, we take part in events where we are able to show the unique flavor of our macarons to the customers who want to try the best quality product. We supply the most luxurious, extravagant and unique coffeehouses and restaurants. Additionally, we take orders from individuals for parties, weddings and other memorable events.

We try to make luxury product market very different from what can be found in the shopping malls. The most important for us are the best quality and taste!

What we do?

The answer is simple – French macarons! Produced on the basis of the recipe in which gluten flour is replaced by high-quality almond flour.

Filled with creme made of chocolate and natural ingredients, which provide unusal sensations.

Our macarons are 100% from almond flour.

All of them are crafted by the hands of our qualified confectioners.