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The history of macarons…

The history of French macarons began in the sixteenth century, when the wife of king Henry II, Catherine de Medici brought from Italy to France almond cookies consisting of sugar, proteins, rose water and musk. Thanks to French nuns, who cooked these specialties for a living, macaroons began to spread and become very distinctive rarity due to the nutrients contained in almonds, and above all their unique flavor. The nuns involved in the process earned the nickname ” The macaron Sisters “.   Since then, macaroons captured the world and are becoming increasingly popular. They provide an inspiration for the cosmetic industry, food writers, and even singers. The world is in love with them !

Our idea…

From the very beginning, our idea and goal is to prove that organic food does not have to be boring or tasteless.

Our products are amazing in every way: beautiful , aesthetic, luxurious, and what is the most important, delicious!    We want to persuade as many people as possible to reject unhealthy, cheap food from supermarkets and began to eat healthy, fresh and natural food.